You Avoid Downtime When Distributors are Near Your Plants

Many MRO supply contracts are made on the national level, but their success is determined at the local level. Manufacturing companies need dependable electrical and lighting MRO suppliers with a large network of distributors to service each plant locally.

Having top tier distributors located near plants is essential for keeping plants running smoothly. Local distributors can best support the needs of local plants when they have the backing of enterprise-level resources. Thus, the national contract and local fulfillment model.

Besides keeping plants operating like clockwork, working with local distributors gives plant managers peace of mind knowing they have collaborators in their own communities who have deep knowledge and expertise in the industry in which they operate. In this way, the distributor becomes an extension of the plant team and a trusted partner.

Slash Downtime with Local Distributors

When something breaks at a plant, it needs to be fixed immediately. Downtime is too expensive.

When a plant must rely on a distant electrical and lighting MRO supplier, two things will happen: 1) parts deliveries may take hours or days, which is costly for plants, especially when malfunctions prompt emergency maintenance. 2) plants will end up stocking quite a bit of inventory, so they don’t have to rely on their faraway distributor when they need parts. This excess inventory ties up capital and takes up space, increasing spend.

Having a local electrical and lighting MRO supplier is key for reducing downtime and cutting MRO spend. With a local partner, plants can lower their inventory levels with the confidence that comes from knowing help is just down the road. This frees up capital, lowers spend and keeps the production lines moving.

Banish the Rush Orders

When your MRO supplier is located far away (or they are close, but the warehouses are distant) they’ll try to deliver parts quickly in emergencies, but that means expensive rush orders. Your company may get stuck with the tab for the expedited shipping costs, making equipment breakdowns even more expensive. Partnering with an MRO supplier that has distributors local to your plants can mitigate this unnecessary expense and disruptive hassle.

 Local partners become part of your team

As plants work to increase operational performance, they rely more and more on outside vendors for product application knowledge, expertise and technical support. When distributors are local, it’s easy for them to become an extension of the plant team because they can visit a plant when needed. By being local, it’s easier to develop a rapport between the plant personnel and their suppliers, enabling the team to function well on a day-to-day basis or in emergency situations.

Factory downtime is expensive. It’s crucial for companies to partner with an electrical and lighting MRO supplier with local services and national reach. A dependable vendor can provide each plant with the first-rate local service it needs and support it with national resources.