The Right MRO Provider for Electrical and Lighting Systems: How Leading Chemical Companies Decide

A dependable and efficient electrical and lighting system is a basic necessity for any chemical manufacturer plant.

A proficient MRO supplier of electrical and lighting parts can be the difference between expensive downtime and a plant that hums along smoothly. Considering the dangers involved in manufacturing and processing hazardous materials, it is crucial for chemical companies to partner with a proficient MRO supplier so everything runs without problems.

Chemical companies need an MRO supplier with deep knowledge of the chemical industry, as well as the ability to keep all the electrical maintenance and lighting systems in the plant fully functional and maintain critical inventory levels.

Here’s how the leading chemical companies choose the right MRO solution provider:

National accounts, local service: Companies with multiple plants can benefit from a single MRO supplier who can service all their plants. Working with a hodgepodge of vendors is a recipe for inconsistency and higher costs. Instead of having each plant hire their own MRO partner, the company is better off hiring one vendor for all the plants.

The benefits of a centralized arrangement include lower prices, consistency across the organization, simplified vendor relations and true local service with national resources for each plant.

Local distributors near each plant: On paper, a deal with an MRO vendor may offer significant savings, but if those savings are built on a small network of distributors far away from your plants, or hub-and-spoke supply chain for distributors, those alleged savings can quickly flip into big costs.

A strong MRO partner needs to offer a network of distributors near each plant and those distributors need the capacity to carry the necessary inventory for the plants they serve. A cheaper MRO supplier isn’t really cheaper when you discover it takes a day or two to get products and parts every time there is a breakdown at a plant.

Reduced inventory costs: A good MRO partner will help their customers streamline their inventory management by identifying critical and non-critical items. Critical items can be stored onsite while the MRO distributor can warehouse the non-critical items and deliver them as needed. This just-in-time inventory reduces carrying costs for the customer and freeing up space in their facilities.

Uniform pricing and product standardization: One of the benefits of working with a national MRO supplier is receiving uniform pricing on products and product standardization across the organization. With a patchwork collection of MRO suppliers, a company often ends up paying wildly different prices for parts for each plant and misses out the opportunity to maximize purchasing power.

When working with a single MRO vendor, pricing is consistent across the board and all possible discounts are realized. Additionally, when each plant has its own MRO supply partner, it is easy to end up with parts that have several different names in the customer’s systems and for a variety of different parts being used for the same purpose. This inconsistency is confusing and complicates corporate accounting. With a single solution provider, these issues are eliminated as product names and uses are standardized.

Full system integration: A robust e-commerce solution with state-of-the-art transaction processes is a must for an MRO partner. Enabling customer ordering through a single “purchasing portal” serving as the front end for receivables and the back end for payables, a system like this helps customers by making purchasing easy, providing real-time business analytics. These analytics include online statements, documented cost savings, top manufacturers purchased, total purchases and purchases by individual location. The comprehensive reports give customers a better picture of their business operations and costs.

The right MRO partner can keep the manufacturing lines running on time all the time.



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