Drive profitability with a corporate MRO supply
agreement and robust local service

Our focus at IM Supply is boosting your bottom line by improving plant operations and supply chain logistics. Specialists in all things electrical, we leverage industry expertise and supply chain best practices to keep your assembly lines running smoothly. With IM Supply, costly downtime transforms into profitable uptime.

We add value to your electrical MRO supply chain by eliminating the inefficiencies and developing organization-wide solutions.


  • Product standardization and uniform pricing. With IM Supply, no more does having 50 plants mean 50 different product names and prices in your systems. We’ll standardize product usage and naming and rollout consistent pricing across your organization.
  • Freight cost reductions: IM Supply offers prepaid shipping (FOB Destination).
  • Lighting upgrades: We’ll help you achieve corporate sustainability goals, reduce energy costs, and enjoy safer plant facilities by upgrading to LED lighting and controls.

On the plant level, your plant managers and engineers will work with our local electrical MRO experts on the ground to keep your assembly lines rolling smoothly at all times.


  • Local service: Our network of more than 3,000 distributor locations ensures there’s always a distributor near you. When you need parts, we’ll always have them on-hand so you’re up and running quickly.
  • Streamlining on-hand inventory: We’ll help you reduce on-hand inventory levels for immediate savings and recommend ways to reduce carrying costs, such as using just-in-time delivery of non-critical items.
  • Predictive maintenance schedules: To lower total cost of ownership, IM Supply distributors work with your plant engineers to schedule maintenance and provide data to populate the plant’s system. This way, machines get fixed at convenient times, before they break.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory: We’ll carry the inventory automatically reorder supplies and maintain set levels for you to minimize downtime and simplify inventory management.
  • Crib management consulting: We’ll review your inventory levels, current crib organization and give customized advice on best practices for streamlining inventory management.
  • Product kitting: Save time and money with pre-assembled electrical component delivery.
  • Lighting upgrades: We’ll help you improve plant safety and lower energy costs with LED lighting and controls.

A robust e-commerce platform and full system integration is critical for today’s MRO procurement. Our purchasing portal integrates with your systems, so whether you prefer direct order entry, internally hosted data or punch-out capability, we have you covered.

You can count on IM Supply to meet you where you are, no matter how you prefer to manage purchasing. We can deliver:

• Direct order entry
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
• Internally hosted data
• Third-party system compatibility (including Ariba by
SAP, Coupa, Hubwoo eBuy and Oracle Procurement
• Punch-out capability

Data is the backbone of effective e-commerce as well as operational decision-making. In most cases, we find our customers need some help with their data. This is especially common if you’ve been working with several MRO suppliers in the past or have grown through mergers/acquisitions. These scenarios result in a patchwork approach to MRO data. For example, each supplier might call the same electrical part by a different name, filling your system with dozens of names for the same component.


We “scrub” your databases, standardizing entries for SKUs, manufacturer part numbers, internal system part numbers and other fields. Once your data is clean, we can help you integrate it into your ERP system.

You need access to up-to-the-minute information for optimal operational decision-making. We provide a full suite of real-time business analytics so you can quickly assess spending across your organization or a product line and speedily reposition.


A sample of reports frequently used by our customers include:


  • Online statements
  • Documented cost savings
  • Top manufacturers purchased from
  • Total purchases
  • Purchases by location
  • Top 100 items purchased


All reports are available on a secure, password-protected web portal, 24/7.

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