Local Service with National Reach

Why Manufacturers Choose IM Supply for Electrical and Lighting MRO products and solutions

Manufacturing is serious business, which is why companies need an electrical and lighting MRO supplier with a wealth of experience in plant safety.

Working with a reliable electrical and lighting MRO solution provider like IM Supply will elevate operational effectiveness and help reduce overall spending.

Plant downtime is a big-time bottom-line buster and it’s the inevitable result when a plant’s power or lighting systems doesn’t function dependably and properly. To keep your plants humming along smoothly, leading manufacturers on the Fortune 500 list choose IM Supply.

Here’s how IM Supply helps you keep your plants moving:

Local solutions, national contract

With IM Supply, customers reap the benefits of a single national contract for electrical and lighting MRO solutions that is fulfilled with a network of nearly 800 distributor locations. These top-tier distributors are local to all the plants and trusted by plant managers.

Companies that work with several different suppliers guarantee themselves higher prices and inconsistent service throughout their plants. Instead, manufacturing companies are better off centralizing MRO suppliers with a national partner. IM Supply’s large network of distributor locations can service each plant locally, while providing the company streamlined vendor relations and uniform service standards.

Sizable savings

With a single national MRO solution provider like IM Supply, manufacturing companies enjoy consistent competitive pricing across the organization, rather than a different set of prices for each plant location.

Add in real-time reporting capabilities, and it’s easy to see how you’re saving money across all your plants with IM Supply.

Product standardization

With pricing consistency across locations also comes product standardization. No more will having 10 plants mean 10 different product names in your procurement system. Also, you won’t have to deal with each plant using a different product for the same purpose. In either situation, it’s difficult to tell what you’re spending for maintenance. With a national MRO supplier like IM Supply, products and their uses are standardized, simplifying corporate accounting.

Entrepreneurial distributors

IM Supply offers a network of nearly 800 distributor locations, so there’s sure to be one next to each of your plants. Each location is backed up with national resources to ensure complete client satisfaction. As a bonus, IM Supply’s distributors have deep experience in the industries they serve, and they can offer a wealth of advice on how to keep plants running safely, more efficiently and in full compliance with applicable regulations.

Reduced inventory costs

As a smart MRO supplier, IM Supply helps its customers streamline their inventory management by identifying critical and non-critical items. IM Supply helps customers store critical maintenance parts at the plants and organize the storerooms for optimal efficiency.

Non-critical items get stored at IM Supply’s local distributor’s warehouse and they are delivered as needed. This just-in-time inventory model reduces carrying costs for customers and frees up space in their facilities.

IM Supply also offers other inventory assistance as needed, including, vendor managed inventory (VMI), crib management consulting and product kitting.

Your parts when you need them

Having a distributor location near each plant is critical. Thanks to IM Supply’s huge national network of 780 locations, there’s sure to be one next to each of your plants.

Unlike other MRO suppliers, IM Supply keeps both critical and non-critical parts at each local distributor, instead of using a hub-and-spoke distribution model. This ensures that needed parts are always on hand. You never have to wait days for parts to arrive from a central warehouse.

Full system integration

IM Supply enables easy ordering and accounting for customers with a single purchasing portal that serves as the front end for receivables and the back end for payables. Its robust e-commerce system provides real-time business analytics

including online statements, documented cost savings, top manufacturers purchased, total purchases and purchases by individual location. These are just a small sampling of the many reports available for analysis.

Preempting downtime with preventative maintenance

There’s nothing like unplanned downtime from equipment failure to ravage a plant’s productivity. IM Supply helps avoid that scenario with preventative maintenance. Local distributors work with the plant’s engineers to develop maintenance schedules for the electrical and lighting systems, avoiding costly malfunctions with preemptive service at optimally convenient times for the plant.

Lower power costs

IM Supply’s experienced local distributors can help customers lower their energy bills by recommending efficient products (e.g. LED lighting and controls). With lighting upgrades, this can also improve facility productivity and safety as employees benefit from better visibility and can see better to do their jobs. Energy efficient upgrades can also help achieve corporate sustainability goals.

Protective equipment and training

To further reduce operating costs, IM Supply provides personal protective equipment (PPE) and training for employee safety. A safer workplace means fewer employee injuries, workers’ compensation claims, OSHA fines, insurance premiums and employee turnover.

The right MRO supplier can keep the processing lines running on time, which is why manufacturers choose IM Supply.