IM Supply provides you with the “best of both worlds” – a robust e-commerce solution featuring state-of the-art transaction processes and business analytics with the broadest and deepest fulfilment network in the United States.

IM Supply has a full array of solutions to satisfy your e-commerce preferences. Whether you prefer direct order entry, internally hosted data or a punch out capability, IM Supply can meet your needs.

IM Supply customers can count on having access to the following tools and methods for engaging IM Supply.

  • Direct order entry
  • EDI capabilities (i.e. purchase orders, invoices, ‘market basket’ pricing, PO acknowledgements, etc.)
  • Request for quote electronically
  • Internally hosted data
  • 3rd party system providers
  • Punch out capability

Accurate data is the backbone of effective e-commerce. In most cases, customer data needs to be scrubbed for efficient use by the customer’s ERP system.

IM Supply staff will “clean” your electrical material data to the point that it can be easily integrated into your ERP system.

The result is a file that includes complete and accurate information regarding:

  • Manufacturer part numbers
  • UPC codes
  • UNSPSC codes
  • Fully attributed data descriptions
  • Customer’s internal system part number or identifier

IM Supply recognizes that your access to robust and accurate business information is essential to make excellent operational decisions. Following are some examples of reports available to IM Supply customers:

  • On-line statements
  • Documented cost savings
  • Top manufacturers purchased
  • Total purchases
  • Purchases by individual location
  • Top 100 items purchased
  • Order analysis (how many items, how many lines, dollars per PO, etc.)

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