How the Right MRO Partner Prevents Downtime at Your Plants

Superior MRO management is all about keeping plants up and running. Downtime is the enemy for all parties involved.

If you’re going into battle, you want your soldiers armed with an arsenal of weapons and skilled in fighting techniques. The same applies with preventing downtime at your plants—you need partners who can bring an array of tools to the fight against downtime.

When you partner with a reliable electrical and lighting MRO supplier, you see the downtime enemy vanquished and your facilities operating at peak capacity.

Here’s how a strong MRO supplier staves off downtime:

Top Distributors Nearby

Plants need maintenance, which requires replacement parts. Companies can either tie up significant capital and space in the plant by warehousing parts on site, or they can partner with a supplier to keep inventory nearby.

The latter option is quite a bit cheaper for manufacturing companies, but it only works if the supplier has distributors near the plants. If the supplier lacks a robust distributor network or uses a hub-and-spoke model with critical parts in distant warehouses, then it can be hours or days before plants get urgently needed parts.

When choosing an MRO supplier, look for one with top-tier distributors near your plants so they are always on hand to provide parts when needed.

Predictive Analytics

Using data from a plant’s historical purchasing and manufacturer’s specs for different parts, MRO suppliers can estimate the average lifespan of a product in that plant.

For example, if records show that a high bay light fixture lasts an average of five years in the plant, it’s a reasonable assumption to estimate that half of the high bay lights will stop working after five years. Relamping those fixtures prior to end of life in one batch can really reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs from spot relamping.

Preventative maintenance

Electrical and lighting system failures in a plant can temporarily put a plant out of commission. But these failures don’t have to be a surprise. Instead, with predictive analytics, plants and their MRO supplier partners can perform preventative maintenance at convenient times for the plant before the equipment breaks down. Preventative maintenance avoids most emergency maintenance and averts crises.

To reduce planned downtime, your MRO supplier can pre-package the parts for a repair or replacement project (product kitting). This helps the maintenance team accomplish the task faster and gets the manufacturing lines rolling again.

No substitution

Plants specify certain products that can withstand the rigors of manufacturing, the washdown shift cleaning chemicals and be compatible with existing equipment. Unethical distributors can substitute the spec’d products with alternatives that may or may not function as well and open you up to food safety concerns.

When you partner with a dependable MRO supplier, they serve as a potent ally in the fight on downtime and keep your plants running.